Uranus Opposition

-The Crisis Of Midlife-

Reorientation and Reboot – Ages 39-42

The Uranus Opposition occurs between the ages of 39 and 42 and represents a major transition in life. This is often referred to as the crisis of middle age – the mid-life of the 84-year Uranian lifespan. No longer are you concerned with establishing your place in the world, but rather in experiencing your life from a different perspective – marked by the nodal shift from the South node to the North node. Priorities change and subsequently so do your life choices.

Unpleasant realizations and their associated questions may suddenly emerge.

Unpleasant realizations and their associated questions may suddenly emerge.

In what direction is your life going?

Have you accomplished the dreams and aspirations of your youth?

If so, are you satisfied with your progress or not? Are your relationships working for or against you?

Is your career fulfilling or exhausting?

Where has the time gone?


The awareness that your life is potentially half over propels you to break from anything that may be limiting you. There is a sudden need for change – an agitation and urgency to uproot anything that keeps you from realizing your dreams and fulfilling your destiny. Time is realized as a precious commodity. You awaken to your mortality. You may end a marriage and find a more suitable mate. Your living situation may change – and your career may no longer satisfy you. The road ahead looks different. Issues from childhood give way to the challenging issues in old age.


If you have been successful in your relationships, your career and your direction, you will continue to be, but now these successes will have to resonate with your own inner direction and purpose. It will be difficult for you to live for some external purpose – reorientation is critical for a meaningful life. Otherwise the crisis of ennui and purposelessness will follow.

This reading reveals your new direction in life as well as the role that will facilitate the actualization of your life purpose.

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