"She's often the first person I think of when I'm needing guidance."

I have had 3 sessions with Barbara now and each one brings so much insight and wisdom into the unique way I am designed. Within the first few minutes of our first session, I felt so validated and affirmed for the way I have navigated my life (intimate relationships, life's purpose, business collaborations, friendships, and family). Things just clicked for me. "Oh! That's why I've done that in that way!" Barbara has a way of explaining things that feels very easy to comprehend and she sends a recording of each session so I can go back to listen.

My most recent session was a Career Assessment and it felt spot on! She guided me on navigating my current projects as I grow and develop a greater capacity to show up in my power and purpose. It was so enlightening! Not only is Barbara a master in Human Design, she is such a beautiful presence to be with. I consider Barbara a mentor and she's often the first person I think of when I'm needing guidance or clarity around any part of my life. So grateful to have Barbara in my life!