"My exploration with Barbara reminded me that... it is a true gift to be exactly my self."

Being several years into self-study and experimental process with Human Design, it was beyond timely for me to receive a foundational overview from Barbara Ditlow. Our conversation was deep and vast, attuned to the moment and thoughtfully contained to the intention of this blueprint exploration. While I had familiarity with many aspects of my design, it was astonishing to be guided through the holistic and holographic dynamism that these mechanics point to in my lived experience.

Barbara's language is affirming without being overly attached, her presence is clear and inviting, and her frequency carries the signature of exquisite listening. It was a pleasure to connect via phone for our session, with an audio file and beautifully succinct notes immediately following. Engaging on the phone enabled me to digest with soft focus and touch more levels within Barbara's transmission - in fact, I needed a wonderfully long nap after our call!

The quality of Barbara's medicine is extraordinary and I wholeheartedly recommend booking time with her if she enters your field. My exploration with Barbara reminded me that I am not for everyone, not every person is for me, and that it is a true gift to be exactly my self.