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Barbara has been a blessing in my life. Not only she’s an expert in Human Design reading, but also she is a terrific therapist. I’ve been working with her on a consistent basis and have benefited tremendously. Her sessions have giving me clarity, direction and self-awareness. I’m immensely grateful to her.

- Max A.

Barbara is amazing she is so knowledgeable, she has a very soothing voice and makes you feel comfortable with her immediately, I am definitely going to work with her again definitely recommend her. Thank you Barbara for the priceless information you gave me looking forward to working with you in the near future.

- Ernesto O.

I have had three separate sessions with Barbara and all of them have left me with immense clarity, confidence, and even more permission to be my natural self. Human Design has deeply resonated for me and has allowed me to go through my life with more ease because of the knowing that I am on my path and I am right where I’m supposed to be. I would highly recommend Barbara’s romantic partnership readings! She gave my husband and I tools and language to support each other more fully and accept and celebrate each other’s strengths and natural, unchangeable qualities. Barbara is the most knowledgeable individual I have met when it comes to Human Design and astrological information. She studied directly under the creator of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, and is listed on the official Human Design/Jovian Archive website as one of the “Certified Human Design Professionals.” I also look forward to meeting with Barbara when I have children of my own, so that I can be a more empathetic and supportive parent by guiding my children in ways that resonate with their unique design (I have had friends who have received these readings from Barbara and spoke very highly of them!). I would recommend Barbara to anyone who is feeling lost or lacking direction or motivation in their life.

- Chanelle S.

My first session with Barbara was wonderful! I had some basic knowledge about my HD prior to our session but was having trouble tying everything together in a cohesive way on my own. The way she presented information and explained areas of my chart gave me a whole new level of understanding and perspective about myself. You can tell she loves sharing her extensive knowledge and insight with others and she does it in such a patient and kind manner. The way she delivered my strengths and opportunities left me feeling empowered and excited about the path that I’m currently walking. I’m looking forward to working with her again in some of her other offerings!

- Lindsey R.

What an amazing experience! I had been recommended to Barbara by a friend and our session completely blew me away! Barbara brought to my awareness parts of me that I didn’t understand prior to my reading. Leaving the session, I truly wanted to feel like I had a better understanding of myself on a deeper level and I walked away feeling like I could finally forgive myself for how I was acting and reacting in the world as now I know how I am designed. Her breath and depth of knowledge is absolutely incredible- she is a true master at her craft and would recommend her to anyone!

- Steph G.

Barbara’s guidance, kindness and care have enabled me to move through many challenging moments in life with greater ease. She has a most brilliant gift for sharing information, offering reassurance and practical ways for moving through life. I always feel seen, hear and understood and find myself stunned at how insightful each session is. I will forever be grateful that I have crossed paths with Barbara.

- Elaine S.

My session with Barbara left me feeling both empowered and at peace – it is so refreshing to feel seen with such clarity, truth and kindness. Barbara’s depth of knowledge on HD and astrology is extremely impressive but even more so is her ability to communicate it clearly and gracefully. I have already recommended her to many friends and look forward to my next reading.

- Lisa K.

My session with Barbara was fabulous! She is so knowledgeable and communicates the key information beautifully. I’ve studied many modalities and have done sessions with many practitioners, but I was truly inspired to use the information after the session with Barbara. She is skilled in Human Design, Astrology and Feng Shui and weaves all of it together for even more potent meaning. I scheduled an Astrology chart reading next and will definitely schedule a Feng Shui consultation as well. I immediately texted two friends studying Human Design with me and said “Do schedule a session with Barbara!”. It’s the perfect foundation to accompany our studies.

- Edie S.

Being a seeker, over the years I’ve had multiple readings, sessions and charts done from many different disciplines and modalities and practitioners, participated in countless of different workshops and teachings and none of them brought in the information for me that Barbara’s work did. It was pivotal in several ways for me. Not only was she a delight to work with, through what she brought in, a few things that I had been holding in myself as weaknesses, I was immediately able to re-frame them into unique strengths. Many of the things she said were affirming and validating about where I am headed in my purpose and ‘what I’m designed for’. I couldn’t have been happier with working with her. I’m looking forward to going a little deeper with some of the other services she offers. Highly recommend. Thank you Barbara!

- Liz B.

I am very glad I met Barbara and had a reading with her. She fully met my expectations and needs regarding this reading and provided me with just the right amount of information, inspiration and transformative questions. Her knowledge in Human Design, astrology and her interpretation of my charts were amazing. With her overall fine sensed and wise being, she really helped me understand myself in a deeper way, accept me more for who I am and through that find strategies and confidence in my plans, visions and how to accomplish them. Thank you, Barbara! I am already looking forward to a next session with you.

- Amelie B.

Human Design is my number one recommendation for anyone who would like to see themselves as they are, how things work for them, and will work best for them in the future. Barbara’s readings are deeply insightful, accurate and relevant to daily life. Her skills of reading chakra and astrological maps and interpreting them are impressively refined. But her ability to translate them simply and in a way that’s empowering is her rare and special talent. When I first met Barbara I was at a low point in my career and dating the wrong men. Barbara showed me that I was about to have a banner year and keep my head up. She also told me to stop dating any guy that gets emotional and instead to look for more relaxed kinds – like Aries and Capricorn men. I’ve been to dozens of readers and teachers of all kinds and I’ve never felt so full and hopeful after, confident of my path and in my Self. I believe we are at peace when we stand tall in who we are, and Human Design is a clear map of that, and Barbara is a brilliant guide and navigator.

- Tova K.

Barbara is a great HD consultant. She gives you exactly what you need while knowing so little about you, it is incredible because you begin to relax and trust her insights and the clarity and revelations that start to unfold. Barbara points you in the right direction on your journey, nothing feels bad it just is and that is comforting.

- Linda R.

I felt warm and light during my session with Barbara. It reminded me of things I knew and gave me insight into things I didn’t. I am so excited to begin my journey of experimentation. I truly can’t thank Barbara enough.

- Yazmin B.

Barbara is so wonderful. She really helped me work through some career issues I’ve been experiencing lately. She could see my blocks so clearly. She gave me actionable tools and exercises to implement that are aligned with my chart that will help give me clarity and find my flow instead of the stuck and stagnant feelings I’ve been coming up against. I also love how she works with astrology too. I cannot wait to meet with her again.

- Meg M.

B.L.O.W.N. A.W.A.Y.

While reading my HD chart, it was as if Barbara was inside of my soul carefully sorting out the bits and pieces and explaining why certain elements of my human blueprint keep tripping me up. Her explanations created so many “AHA moments”, excitement, relief and astonishment. To gain clarity about my purpose in life and how to interact with the world based on my unique blueprint is the greatest gift I think I have ever been given. I will be forever grateful Barbara, thank you!

- Janice H.

Barbara is truly gifted in every way possible. You can feel her kindness and expertise at the same time. She express everything in an easy way to understand. She takes time to listen to you, and to respond. She has given me much guidance, confirmations and clarity on my design and I couldn’t be happier. Definitely looking forward to more session together. Thank you so much Barbara it was a pleasure to connected and absorb so much information!

- Hanny M.

My identical twin sister and I had a session with Barbara and it was FANTASTIC! Her Human Design reading reinforced things I knew about myself but grappled with as a result of not clearly understanding my decision- making strategy, my key strengths and challenges and more. I’m excited to begin observing my ability to respond and put my strategy to use. I can’t wait to learn more!

- Dimity P.

I had an amazing session with Barbara. From the first moments of the visit, I felt as if I was talking with someone who truly had vision into my inner-being, with an innate gift to communicate what she sensed in a way that I found extremely helpful and useful. I look forward to more sessions together moving forward. This woman has an incredible gift.

- David K.

A number of years ago I interviewed Barbara Ditlow on my Blog Getting On Top on BlogTalkRadio.com. The topic was Human Design and Barbara impressed me with her intelligence, understanding and breadth of knowledge in this exciting new area of human understanding. I have since had the good fortune of learning more about Human Design and believe that it has great merit and can help an individual to understand his or her true nature and serve as a guiding pathway to success. Barbara Ditlow, in my opinion, would be a great choice for anyone to do a first or subsequent reading.

- Paul M.

If you believe in astrology even remotely, you will thoroughly enjoy your consultation with Barbara. If you don’t believe in astrology, consider that part a conversation starter. With her vast life experience and extensive work with great contemporary philosophers, Barbara will help you dig deep into your soul, and give you access to turn the prophecies of astrology into self fulfilling prophecies.

- Balázs N.

Our meeting for me brought a lot of clarity on multiple directions and on many levels. The mix between Human Design and Astrology was a real alchemy for my soul. Your knowledge, experience and gifts made such a complex science easy for me to understand.

Being in a lot of transformations our meeting cleared my path.

- Alice V.

I have had 3 sessions with Barbara now and each one brings so much insight and wisdom into the unique way I am designed. Within the first few minutes of our first session, I felt so validated and affirmed for the way I have navigated my life (intimate relationships, life’s purpose, business collaborations, friendships, and family). Things just clicked for me. “Oh! That’s why I’ve done that in that way!” Barbara has a way of explaining things that feels very easy to comprehend and she sends a recording of each session so I can go back to listen.

My most recent session was a Career Assessment and it felt spot on! She guided me on navigating my current projects as I grow and develop a greater capacity to show up in my power and purpose. It was so enlightening! Not only is Barbara a master in Human Design, she is such a beautiful presence to be with. I consider Barbara a mentor and she’s often the first person I think of when I’m needing guidance or clarity around any part of my life. So grateful to have Barbara in my life!

- Ash M.

I found that there is nothing that compares to a good reading, and I feel lucky to have found someone so knowledgeable. Barbara brought things together in a way that studying was not going to do AT ALL. I loved my analyst – She studied with Ra (which is important to me) and also Eckhart Tolle (which I also find amazing). Most DEF going to get additional readings from her.

- Leisha B.

Our session today was absolutely gorgeous. I feel you over delivered with so much incredible value and wisdom. Our session brought conscious awareness to things in my life that I now have the conscious awareness to grow from, and also empowered me to stand in my truth, knowing that it is in my design to lead, and inform! You are truly a gift, and I would recommend anyone who wants to be successful to do a human design reading with you to know themselves deeper first. Thank you Barbara.

- Reese E.

It feels like Barbara is giving me a description of a vehicle that I’m driving, or operating. I’ve been operating that vehicle with some level of success for almost 50 years, so a lot of what Barbara describes from my chart “makes sense” or resonates. But more interesting and important are characteristics Barbara points out in my chart of which I’m only recently becoming aware. In these areas, Barbara’s analysis offers ways to navigate my environment, life process, and relationships with less . . . resistance. To live with more ease and grace; greater flow and efficiency. In this sense, Barbara is like an experienced guide who knows both the vehicle I’m operating and the terrain I’m trying to navigate.

- Sage K.

I highly recommend using Barbara for your human design needs. She is amazing at what she does. I did not know much about human design, and was curious about it. Barbara came highly recommended by many and she was informative, professional and incredibly gifted at human design. She revealed several things that had me in awe. I have taken many of her recommendations to heart, utilizing the tools she presented to me. I feel like I am at a better understanding of who I am, and can go forth with more confidence in that.

Thank you so much Barbara

- Amy L.

I first met Barbara 20 years ago as she was recommended by a friend.

She read my chart and the feedback she gave stuck with me all these years, surfacing every now and again when something she told me came to light. I unpacked that chart in a recent move and was so happy to see her name on it.. I found her again after a quick google search and she once again showed up in my life at the perfect time and shared insights that helped me shift deep patterns in my life.

I highly recommend connecting with Barbara if you’re feeling ready to go deep into yourself and transform.

She works with a knowledge and presence that is unique and priceless.

- Nikki E.

I’ve been a business owner for 20+ years. I own and operate Mortgage Giver, LLC, a small but growing mortgage broker shop here in Longmeadow MA. We’ve been busy hiring, training, and expanding. When I came across Barbara Ditlow, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We all need standard Human Design information. Everyone know this. But what Barbara did was way above and beyond my expectations! I just do not say that very often. I started out knowing some things about my Alpha position within my company. Sure, I knew enough to survive and do ok. But, after just one consult, Barbara gave me a stunning clear and concise array of tool and knowledge. It far exceeded what I thought I’d get concerning how to utilize my staff in the most profitable and productive ways. I now have a clear path to building and maintaining a Penta, and all the benefits that abound when in a working Penta. Productivity is going up. People are happier. Processes fall into line better. New ideas implement and flow unlike ever before. All because Mrs. Ditlow took the time and has the skill to point our way toward living our designs and building a cohesive group of people, happy, secure and aimed at our mutual goal of greater easier success!! OMG is all I can say.

Hope this was clear enough for those who wish to better themselves. It is for Business owners and Individuals.

- Daniel E.