Solar Return

-The Crisis Of The Unknown-

Forecasting the weather for the coming year – Every Year

The most frequent cycle is known as the solar return. This occurs each year and offers us the opportunity to examine the conditioning forces at work in the coming year – and the personal lessons waiting for us to master.

During this reading, we focus on the characteristics activated in your design that may be operating in opposition to your purpose. To do this, we look at the coming year to determine the major themes facing you.

What is the environmental back drop?

What demands and pressures will it impose upon you?

Who will be the people in your life?

Will they be there for a personal relationship sharing the joys and frustrations that may ensue (or not!)? What is the growth and educational potential?


Being cognizant of the particular environment and the role of the players during each new year is essential in living your life as yourself.

This reading is about how to transcend the matrix with all its dilemmas by experimenting with your design within the projected pattern for the coming year.

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