Relationship Analysis

Identify the dynamics and patterns within a relationship and solutions for resolution.

Partnership Analysis

Have you heard the expression ‘Three is a crowd’? Think of a partnership in this way. There is you; there is the other; and there is the partnership. The partnership is a quantum of you and the other, having its own identity and associated dynamics.

Partnerships are difficult. The dynamics at play are not always obvious. Their patterns can be observed over time, but more often than not problem areas remain, becoming the source of conflict and pain. Do you try to fix the relationship, leave the relationship, or simply accept it as it is? Why are we attracted to certain people and not to others? How can you discover both the conscious and unconscious forces and patterns at work in the interplay of auras?

The partnership analysis reveals the specific mechanics at work and shows how you and your partner not only impact each other, but also point out the things that your relationship will change in each other and those things that cannot be changed!

This analysis provides both a strategy and decision-making process to navigate within the relationship. The compulsion to change the other, entrap the other, or judge the other has the potential to be replaced with awareness and open communication and acceptance.

Parent / Child Analysis

Love has the potential to grow through the beauty of knowing your design and knowing the design of your child. This session provides parenting tools needed to help nourish and guide the natural unfolding of their uniqueness. It is about transforming both your awareness about your child and how to communicate with them in an effective way. An analysis of both the parental chart, the child’s chart and a composite chart is provided.

Cost: $250

  • Appointments run 90 minutes in length.
  • An audio recording of the appointment will be provided.

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