Cycle Forecasting

Examining the major cycles that impact you on your journey through life.

Life is a series of cycles, with beginnings, middles and ends. And there are cycles within larger cycles. Each cycle with its distinct imprint affects our psychological, physical, and emotional well-being.

There is the yearly cycle of the Solar return, occurring on our birthday. In addition to the yearly cycle, there are three other major cycles that impact the growth of consciousness and subsequent wisdom within a human being. Each cycle is unique in its duration and purpose. Each cycle is unavoidable, woven within the development of each person.

The Solar Return – The Crisis Of The Unknown

Forecasting the weather for the coming year - Every Year

The most frequent cycle is known as the solar return. This occurs each year and offers us the opportunity to examine the conditioning forces at work in the coming year – and the personal lessons waiting for us to master.

During this reading, we focus on the characteristics activated in your design that may be operating in opposition to your purpose. To do this, we look at the coming year to determine the major themes facing you. What is the environmental back drop? What demands and pressures will it impose upon you? Who will be the people in your life? Will they be there for a personal relationship sharing the joys and frustrations that may ensue (or not!)? What is the growth and educational potential?

Being cognizant of the particular environment and the role of the players during each new year is essential in living your life as yourself.

This reading is about how to transcend the matrix with all its dilemmas by experimenting with your design within the projected pattern for the coming year.

The Saturn Return – The Crisis Of Purpose

Gaining the necessary optimism to realign the life - Ages 28-32

The cycle that people are most familiar with is known as the Saturn Return. Literally, Saturn's orbit returns to the exact position of our birth and sets in motion the impetus for transformation and change. The Saturn Return is the transitional period from youth into adulthood, occurring when a person is between 28 and 30 years old.

It is an opportunity for deep change through facing obstacles and difficulties that were avoided earlier in life. It is about establishing one's place in the world. This is not an easy transition, and the cycle often brings physical challenges as well as psychological dilemmas. Perceptions and habitual behaviors are confronted by outside forces and the need to ‘find oneself ‘ and a pathway forward is paramount. This cycle can be very traumatic fraught with missteps and pain.

Issues associated with the Saturn Return deal with the individual's need to find the correct livelihood, correct partnership(s), and the correct place to live. It is the development from subjectivity to objectivity.

This reading provides the necessary optimism to realign your life to the potential of the fulfillment of your life purpose.

Uranus Opposition – The Crisis Of Midlife

Reorientation and Reboot - Ages 39-42

The Uranus Opposition occurs between the ages of 39 and 42 and represents a major transition in life. This is often referred to as the crisis of middle age – the mid-life of the 84-year Uranian lifespan. No longer are you concerned with establishing your place in the world, but rather in experiencing your life from a different perspective – marked by the nodal shift from the South node to the North node. Priorities change and subsequently so do your life choices.

Unpleasant realizations and their associated questions may suddenly emerge. In what direction is your life going? Have you accomplished the dreams and aspirations of your youth? If so, are you satisfied with your progress or not? Are your relationships working for or against you? Is your career fulfilling or exhausting? Where has the time gone?

The awareness that your life is potentially half over propels you to break from anything that may be limiting you. There is a sudden need for change – an agitation and urgency to uproot anything that keeps you from realizing your dreams and fulfilling your destiny. Time is realized as a precious commodity. You awaken to your mortality. You may end a marriage and find a more suitable mate. Your living situation may change – and your career may no longer satisfy you. The road ahead looks different. Issues from childhood give way to the challenging issues in old age.

If you have been successful in your relationships, your career and your direction, you will continue to be, but now these successes will have to resonate with your own inner direction and purpose. It will be difficult for you to live for some external purpose - reorientation is critical for a meaningful life. Otherwise the crisis of ennui and purposelessness will follow.

This reading reveals your new direction in life as well as the role that will facilitate the actualization of your life purpose.

Kiron Return - The Flowering Of Purpose

The last marker on the Journey - Ages 49-51

The Kiron return is marked by the orbit of Kiron returning to the exact position of our birth. It occurs between the ages of 49 and 51 This can be a challenging time as the choices made earlier in life have a profound effect during this cycle.

This reading is particularly important for 6th line beings who are ‘coming off the roof stage’ in their lives. This transition signifies a profound change in both their psychological and physical well-being as well as their direction and movement in life. This transition is about vulnerability. This is the cycle of maturity flowering into life purpose.

This reading provides a larger thematic road map for the last thirty years of life – the stage, the environment and the forces at work. It examines the new rules that will be operating in your life.

Cost: $175

  • Appointments run 90 minutes in length.
  • An audio recording of the appointment will be provided.

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