Continued Exploration

These follow-up sessions provide targeted analysis of specific aspects within your design.

After your foundation reading, these sessions focus on practical decision making in the face of habitual actions. Each person faces unique challenges on a daily basis. How do you handle the pressures in life? How to make correct decisions? Thought patterns, mind sets and belief systems, if not explored, can create behavioral patterns resistant to change. Deconditioning from these forces can be problematic and difficult.

The sessions are designed to help you understand where the resistances are and how to move through the associated force fields. The unfolding of your unique expression takes time. Awareness of your strategy for making decisions and trusting your inner authority is not easy.

This appointment is available only to previous clients of Human Design Consultations.

Cost: $150

  • Appointments run 60 minutes in length.
  • An audio recording of the appointment will be provided.

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