Coaching Sessions

Focused coaching for individuals or small businesses to help achieve vision and goals.

After your foundation reading, these sessions focus on practical decision making in the face of habitual actions. Each person faces unique challenges on a daily basis. How do you handle the pressures in life? How to make correct decisions? Thought patterns, mind sets and belief systems, if not explored, can create behavioral patterns resistant to change. Deconditioning from these forces can be problematic and difficult.

The sessions are designed to help you understand where the resistances are and how to move through the associated force fields. The unfolding of your unique expression takes time. Awareness of your strategy for making decisions and trusting your inner authority is not easy.

Crisis Coaching – Navigating Through A Crisis With Awareness

The rule of cycles in which decline is a natural but not an enduring state.

The ability to provide a long-term perspective about the forces influencing one’s life situation is priceless - notably during those passages that are particularly destructive and dark. When one is facing a crisis, the first question asked is usually, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ Followed by the next question ‘Will it ever end?’

Some life cycles are flowing and expansive, offering opportunities for good relationships, career advancements, and abundance. Other cycles may be a collision course to conflict, characterized by broken bonds, career endings and impending shortages. Acute anxiety, stress and confusion often accompany these abrupt and often unexpected situations.

Some planetary transits happen once in a lifetime. These tend to be the most difficult as their meaning is often hidden and yet their impact can be profound. The potential of a cycle and its time line are essential in navigating through its current.

This reading provides both an ongoing human design cycle assessment as well as an astrological analysis of progressions and transits operating in your life. Together they establish a larger context to move through the crisis with awareness and acceptance.

Partnership Coaching

Business or Personal

Financial issues, life cycle shifts, children and health are just a few of the joys and/or challenges facing both the individual as well as the partnership. Whether in a personal or business partnership, stress will always be a component in the ongoing developmental nature within the relationship. We look at how to identify these stressors, notice how they operate, and create an effective strategy to manage them.

The coaching series looks at the mechanics within the relationship dynamic – where are the compromises? Where is there companionship? – Who dominates what and how? The current life cycle effecting each partner is revealed and examined in order to provide a larger context for awareness.

Alert and active listening by all parties is essential to the success of the sessions. A partnership reading is a prerequisite.

Team Coaching

Small Business Analysis

Every team has its unique dynamic and way of achieving defined strategic goals. How do you measure the performance of a team? What key indicators are in place to establish a predictor of success – or the need to re-think and re-adjust?

Often the challenge lies in the underlying energy operating within the team itself. It has nothing to do with either a qualitative or quantitative measuring system. And yet identifying this energy can be extremely effective in indicating long term success and the ability of a team to realize stated objectives and goals.

Gaps occur within this energy structure when either the wrong person is assigned a particular task and needs to be re-positioned, or if a new person needs to be hired. This Small Business Analysis will provide a unique proprietary graphing to reveal where these gaps are, and provide solutions for managing and filling these gaps.

This BG5™ Small Business Analysis will analyze, assess and re-evaluate the dynamics operating within a team. Focus will be on both the characteristics and strengths of the individuals within the group and as well as the group itself. Recommendations will be made as to how to both reduce waste and increase efficiency, transforming the team performance as well as the bottom line.

Content, pricing and schedule upon request.

  • Appointments run 90 minutes in length.
  • An audio recording of the appointment will be provided.

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