Career Profile Assessment

Mapping your career strengths, skills, decision making and interaction style.

Experiencing the business of being (you) in the being of (your) business

As the job market becomes increasingly complex and unpredictable, it is essential that you find a career in which the business of being you – your passions, unique skill sets and personality are in sync with what you do. Whether you are a millennial or a boomer, finding the career that you love promotes health, wealth and satisfaction.

Knowing both your individual strengths and weaknesses is essential in effectively strategizing where to find your success in the marketplace. Transitioning from habitual habits to new ways of operating demands that you manage the old while creating the new.

This BG5 Career Design Analysis will reveal your career type, how to effectively interact with others, your particular decision-making guidelines and the signposts to keep you track. It focuses on the business skills you bring to the table as well as your consistent strengths as well as predictable weaknesses.

Cost: $250

  • Appointments run 90 minutes in length.
  • An audio recording of the appointment will be provided.

Are You Ready to Become Who You Are Designed to Be?