These services are ordered in a sequential manner intended to provide an efficient way of layering information if you are new to Human Design. It is a suggested sequencing only. If you are more experienced, you may wish to continue your exploration through the body of knowledge and how to apply it in a more nuanced way. You may desire a more detailed career profile assessment, deeper understanding of specific relationships, or more insight into the cycles presently operating in your life. The choice is yours.


Personal Overview

Start here! A Personal Overview reading is the best way to begin your journey.

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Continued Exploration

Follow-up the the Personal Overview with these deeper, more specific sessions.

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Relationship Analysis

Discover how you approach partnerships and learn how to best navigate your relationships.

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Career Profile assessment

Realize your inherit strengths, weaknesses, work style and more.

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Cycle Forecasting

Understand your past, current and future life cycles for clarity and guidance.

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Living Your Design, RAVE ABCs, and RAVE Cartography

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Discover the Life You Were Designed to Live




“No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.”

― Pythagoras