Saturn Return

-The Crisis Of Purpose-

Gaining the necessary optimism to realign the life – Ages 28-32

The cycle that people are most familiar with is known as the Saturn Return. Literally, Saturn’s orbit returns to the exact position of our birth and sets in motion the impetus for transformation and change. The Saturn Return is the transitional period from youth into adulthood, occurring when a person is between 28 and 30 years old.

Challenge Facilitating Change

Challenge Facilitating Change

It is an opportunity for deep change through facing obstacles and difficulties that were avoided earlier in life. It is about establishing one’s place in the world. This is not an easy transition, and the cycle often brings physical challenges as well as psychological dilemmas. Perceptions and habitual behaviors are confronted by outside forces and the need to ‘find oneself ‘ and a pathway forward is paramount. This cycle can be very traumatic fraught with missteps and pain.


Issues associated with the Saturn Return deal with the individual’s need to find the correct livelihood, correct partnership(s), and the correct place to live. It is the development from subjectivity to objectivity.

This reading provides the necessary optimism to realign your life to the potential of the fulfillment of your life purpose.

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