Kiron Return

-The Flowering of Purpose-

The last marker on the Journey – Ages 49-51

The Kiron return is marked by the orbit of Kiron returning to the exact position of our birth. It occurs between the ages of 49 and 51 This can be a challenging time as the choices made earlier in life have a profound effect during this cycle.

Power Through Vulnerability

Power Through Vulnerability

This reading is particularly important for 6th line beings who are ‘coming off the roof stage’ in their lives. This transition signifies a profound change in both their psychological and physical well-being as well as their direction and movement in life. This transition is about vulnerability. This is the cycle of maturity flowering into life purpose.


This reading provides a larger thematic road map for the last thirty years of life – the stage, the environment and the forces at work. It examines the new rules that will be operating in your life.

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