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—Avoid Failure Through Correct Decision Making—

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Imagine you can see a clear roadmap to your own personal success. The opportunities and decisions you are faced with are clear and your understanding unobscured. Your innate capabilities, gifts, weaknesses and unrealized potential are all laid before you. With these tools and knowledge at your disposal, success is reality. Realize the life you are meant to fulfill with the Human Design System through detailed personal insight, understanding and guidance.

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Personal Overview

The initial exploration into your personal blueprint – who you are designed to be.

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Continued Exploration

These follow-up sessions provide targeted analysis of specific aspects within your design.

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Relationship Analysis

Identify the dynamics and patterns within a relationship and solutions for resolution.

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Career Profile assessment

Mapping your career strengths, skills, decision making and interaction style.

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Cycle Forecasting

Examining the major cycles that impact you on your journey through life.

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Living Your Design, RAVE ABCs, and RAVE Cartography

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Download Your Free Human Design Chart

Unlock the insights of your unique Human Design with our complimentary chart service. Whether it’s for yourself, your family, or friends, you’re welcome to utilize this tool anytime. Just complete the form below, ensuring accurate results by providing a dependable birth time.

Discover the Life You Were Designed to Live


What is Human Design?

Human Design provides a clear, analytical way in which you can actually see your uniqueness. Through its decision-making strategy, your conditioning – over time – gives way to the joyful emergence of your true self.

More About Human Design
Barbara Ditlow Human Design

Barbara Ditlow

Barbara is a certified Human Design Analyst, Coach, Real Estate Broker, and Teacher. She has studied energy and esoteric healing with practitioners from around the world. Her expertise includes Feng Shui, Astrology, Yoga, Intuitive Healing, Art Therapy, and Cult Interventions. Prior to her study of Human Design she worked in sales and marketing at CBS Publishing in New York City and was President of Metaquality, Inc., an international consulting training company.

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“Everything about what it is to be in the maya, everything about life on this plane, the sum total of a life is made up by its decisions. It’s just about decisions. If you look at your life you’ll see very clearly that it’s basically decisions all along the road, wherever you turn.”

– Ra Uru Hu